Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Blue Valentine & Crazy, Stupid, Love

I went on a little Ryan Gosling adventure over the weekend and watched two of his movies. One, underrated and boycotted due to critical acclaim and another, a popular one but nobody really paid any attention to how gorgeous he is in it. Anyway, I thought I'd share my thoughts on the two movies and also how I support 100% this man to play Christian Grey in the upcoming but not yet confirmed Fifty Shades trilogy.

Blue Valentine is one of those indie films that everyone has overlooked and underrated except for those who have a particular interest in one or two of the actors and can truly appreciate the true perfection of this movie.
Don't believe anyone who says it's a love story. For it's half right and you'll dive into this movie with the intent of a happy ending and that is far from what happens.
The movie cuts back and forth from the meeting of two young adults and their budding relationship to the present where the pair are married, unhappy and at breaking point. I can understand why some might say it's a love story, in essence it is but it's the realism that comes with their relationship that gets you to think back and consider whether or not falling in love is really worth it. I was thinking to myself near the end 'I don't want this to happen to me' and 'I am never falling in love.'
But, moving past the tearful storyline, the acting from Michelle Williams and the perfect Mr Gosling is faultless and according to Wikipedia, they were instructed to not only live together during filming but to act like a married couple to 'get a feel' for one another. How authentic is that?

Crazy, Stupid, Love was the movie I watched afterwards and I had to say it was the best choice of a movie after I was recovering from that ending from Blue Valentine. Surrounded by teary tissues and a pessimistic attitude to the whole concept of love, I wasn't ready for this movie. The title alone of this movie made me want to shut off the whole world and just cry over my future that will undoubtedly involve hundreds of cats. Anyway, this movie is a romantic comedy. It's a film that encourages people to not think negatively about love and rejoice it. It basically contradicts everything Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams were depicting in Blue Valentine.
Steve Carrell does an impressive job in portraying a man who is torn up over his cheating wife and approaching divorce along with struggling to regain his 'manhood' that Gosling's characters, a womanizing rich boy claims he's lost.
All in all, it's a star studded cast of Julianne Moore, Emma Stone and Jonah Bobo. Excellent job, everyone.

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