Saturday, 16 March 2013

Guilty Pleasure: One Direction

Alright, everyone know's 'em, they're like marmite. You love 'em or hate 'em and then there's those who secretly love them and just cannot bring themselves to admit it.
Well, it's like it's programmed into the mainstream to hate these guys but my question is WHY? They're five young guys who are easy on the eyes and bring out great music. They're just a boyband. I don't see Girls Aloud getting compared to Hannah Montana like these guys are getting compared to Justin Bieber.
Okay, fair enough, their first album was like Disney crapped all over it but their new music is really developing.
Take Me Home has got some awesome tunes on it. I'm seventeen years old and still find these guys sorta, pretty, kinda amazing.

3) I Would
So, my third favourite song on the album is I Would because it's fun, lively and it's kinda jolly not considering the lyrics. It's real easy to catch on the tune and it's great to sing along to. One thing I really enjoy about this album in particular is the fact all the guys get at least one solo part in every song except for Back For You which I think is only Louis and Liam for their girlfriends, if I'm correct. Anyway, the chorus will stick in your head for ages and you'll be humming it on the bus stop tomorrow.

2) Over Again
This is a slow and rather sad song. Apparently, the boys cry when they perform it live which doesn't surprise me to be honest. It's a meaningful song that isn't the conventional love song. It seems to be about a guy pining over a heartbroken and damaged girl. My favourite part in this song is Harry's verse and Louis' straight after. The 'showers that are British' part just makes me wanna break down in tears and makes me proud of my cuppa tea accent. It's a song that will make you fall asleep, make you cry or make you smile if you can relate to the lyrics because they work out in the end. I hope. Maybe I should listen to it again...

1) Rock Me
So, I've actually heard this song is really, really popular.
It's undoubtedly the best song on the album and it's probably the first song I've managed to listen to a hundred times without getting bored this year. I'm scared to listen to it again just in case.
It's brand new from their original material. All of their voices sound amazing and really rock n roll and their live performances of this song makes Harry be shown in such a new light. His stage presence is really overpowering and you can tell he is really into this kinda of genre music. This song makes you rethink every stereotype you've ever placed upon this group. They're capable of other genre's and pull them off successfully.

So, if you haven't guessed already, I've got a huge soft spot for Harry Styles, who doesn't? I just think he's really misunderstood. He seems to listen to his crotch rather than his brain and he's 19 years old, famous and good lookin'. Who are we to say who he can and can't sleep with? As long as he doesn't release a stupid song out of it. *cough* Miss Swift *cough*
Louis comes a close second just because he's so effing funny.
Anyway, I know some of you have at least ONE song on your phones or iPods and I know you've hummed What Makes You Beautiful at least once.

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