Friday, 5 April 2013

Bad Boys You Love To Hate

I don't know about you but I always tend to be drawn to the baddies in television shows and movies. If they've got a traumatic background, motive and a hilarious streak, they're most likely to be my favourite character. In television shows and movies, here are a few of the bad boys that I'm sure everyone cannot stand but cannot help to love.

Klaus - Vampire Diaries
To be fair when he made his appearance in Alaric's body, I found him annoying. Until he was given a face, an English accent and gorgeous eyes and then he became the bad guy who does something wrong and I'm sat on the sofa going, 'awww he so sweet.'
He's a fan favourite and almost everyone I talk to loves Klaus. He's not as good looking as Damon or pretty boy like Tyler but he's got a whole lotta charisma and such a lovable personality. He's a lonely boy at heart desperate to keep his family with him 24/7 under any circumstances necessary.

Lestat - Interview With A Vampire
One of Tom Cruise's best performances EVER in the history of his film career. He plays the morbidly hilarious and mysterious Lestat whom next to sensitive Louis really makes you dribble at the mouth. He becomes psychotic and murderous towards our favourite vampire but his storyline is flawless and his personality is so attractive.

Bane - Dark Knight Rises
It wasn't just Tom Hardy that made me love this villain, it was the single tear on his face during Tate's revelation that made my heart break. His hot body, smoldering eyes and those one-liners to die for just make this movie that much bearable to watch (not that it isn't a good movie in itself)

Joker - Dark Knight
Joining Bane with our Batman villain fetish, again the incredible Heath Ledger who plays this lovable character just enhances this characters performance as one of the craziest, psychotic and murderous villains in a superhero movie. Again, his story about his scars make him realistic and give him a little motive behind his insane nature.

David - Lost Boys
Keeping up with the seemingly obvious pattern of vampires, here's my favourite vampire from my favourite vampire movie of all time.
David is lovable on the pure reason of his sexiness. He's a proper vampire, he isn't doing anything wrong, he's feeding from humans because that's in his nature, he was kind to Michael and took him in before he was betrayed. He plays the perfect part of a scorned leader wreaking vengeance on his treacherous legion.

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