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Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2013)

Post will contain, as always, spoilers along with tips, opinions and walkthrough methods.

As an avid player of the Tomb Raider series all the way back to 1996. 'Course, I was only one then so I didn't play it, instead I watched my dad play it until I was old enough to hold the controller. Being young, stupid but incredibly adorable, I triggered the first tiger sequence, paused it and then turned the game off. I then only vowed to watch others or I would run around her training arena in her home just pretending I was playing the actual storyline. When I was old enough to understand the game, I went on to play and complete the first three games along with Angel of Darkness, Legend, Anniversary and then subsequently this new one.

Tomb Raider 9 is a reboot to the franchise. It's a retelling of her story and a somewhat prequel to the first game. It focuses on how she became a survivor from a adventurer.
This game is, no doubt my favourite out of all of them possibly because of the new graphics, the platform and the storyline itself isn't too complicated.
With the tight places and over the shoulder camera angles, you get an indepth insight to the claustrophobia Lara is experiencing. You can really relate to how new she is to the whole survival instinct. Her story is realistic and her determination to find and save her friends is the snippet into the personality of the Lara Croft we were accustomed to in the old games.

Good points: the graphics most definitely. Shadows, details, blood, dirt, it's all there and there's no fault really  concerning the graphic part of the game. Developers really went all out to ensure fans of the game wouldn't discard it. Lara's development really intrigued me. At the start of the game you are newly equipped with a bow and arrow and when you get the pistol, it's obvious Lara's never fired at anything before considering the aiming starts off really badly. The cut scene in which she kills someone is actually really emotional and it hurts to watch this video game character that you're so used to seeing being badass actually has a vulnerable side.
The storyline was good. Even though it seems really straight forward, the notes you find along the way written by either Lara's friend Sam, cult leader Mathias or just random people who were on the island, give insight to different opinions and thoughts and gives each character you encounter their own storyline and reason for being there.
The relationships Lara has with each character is different. Throughout the game your primary mission is to rescue Sam along with finding the other survivor friends along the way. The losses encountered in the game aren't, like most, disregarded as if they don't matter. Lara is emotionally affected by each death of a character.

Bad points: not many to be honest. The aiming was really bad for me. It began terrible but Lara isn't used to a weapon so I figured the bad aiming and over the shoulder camera was deliberate but as the game progresses, it gets increasingly difficult to pull off a shot.

I feel the battle and action scenes in the game are similar to Uncharted - enemies free roam, they attack you from either angle using a range of firearms or melee weapons depending on your distance. You have to rely on cover to save health and a lot of it is trial and error. Unlike Legend and Anniversary where enemies were only a mere entertainment purpose rather than an actual obstacle.

My favourite character is as expected, Lara only because she's the only character you get a bond with. She's the lead character, you're not really introduced to anyone else apart from her survivor friends.
The only struggle I had was nearing the end when you're getting stopped by enemies from entering the temple. They send an Oni type guard at you that you have to get close to, dodge and then shoot with a shotgun.
If you are able to get the hang of the aiming it's pretty easy to deter him by shooting at his head but if like me, you had trouble with it use the dodge and attack method and he'll go down pretty quickly.

Holding up to it's original name however, there are side mission where Lara is able to explore tombs and solve puzzles to earn extra XP.

Overall, it's an incredible game. Remakes are seriously making a comeback for the better and getting positive reviews too. Most definitely my favourite game and I hope SquareEnix continue and make another.
Lots of action, storyline and girl power throughout.

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