Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Favourite Songs of January 2013

1. You Me At Six - This Is The First Thing

There's so many words that can explain this song and they're all good.
Sinners Never Sleep is their third album, it's not necessarily new but You Me At Six remain one of my all time favourite artists EVER. This song is just my favourite off the album and I cannot begin to explain how much I adore it or what I feel when I listen to it.
Josh Franceschi's voice in almost everything he sings is so flawless but this particular song just gets me every single time. I'm guessing like most of their songs its about a love that got away. I don't know about anyone else but I can definitely say if Josh was my boyfriend, I wouldn't be going anywhere.

2. Bring Me The Horizon - Shadow Moses

Like every other seventeen year old girl, there was a time when I went through a screamo phase and more specifically, a BMTH phase. I saw them live, got severely injured, suffered humiliation at a signing of theirs and then... moved on. To be honest, after buying There Is A Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It etc album and getting it signed, I kinda moved on. And I was so adamant they were my favourite band. Ah well. They aren't anymore but I can't help but fall in love with this song and it's in my Playlist eight times for a better chance of repeat! The 'can you tell from the look in our eyes' and the opera/classical part at the end is just flawless. BMTH really bring a sense of variety on their songs now.

3. Lawson - Learn To Love Again

I remember my mum calling me downstairs at 9 in the morning and asking me who this gorgeous man was on our television.
On the popular ITV programme Daybreak was Lawson. A fairly new band that digresses from the pop image and instead creates a brand new indie rock sound which sounds like Maroon 5, The Wanted and Coldplay all mixed into one. Their 'Standing in the Dark' was a great song but this month, this song takes the cake. It's a brilliant rockish but poppy track that elevates all their talents, not to mention the fact they're stunning pieces of the male species.

4. Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble

Don't judge me. Don't you dare judge me.
This song is so goddamn catchy that you just cannot help but wanna sing it! As soon as someone mentions the title, don't lie, you sing in your head, 'when you walked in. SO SHAME ON ME NOW!'
Miss Swift has got to be the most hypocritical music artist I've ever come across. Who can make millions selling songs about love and romance and how cute and romantic it is and all lovey dovey it should be. When she first arrived on the scene, I loved her. I was like, 'YAY, finally a country singer who can sing about love without it ending in complete shit' and then she goes and dates dozens of boys and writes songs about them. Honey, Taylor, sweetie, please take a break and write about something other than how Jake is desperate to get back with you - and if Taylor Swift does release a song this year called 'I Went In The Wrong Direction' I will seriously stick needles in my ear drums. That aside, this song, is awesome and just really catchy this month.

5. Girls Generation (SNSD) - I Got A Boy

My inner KPop fangirl is coming out now!
I had to include this song, I just had to. This song was the much anticipated comeback for Girls Generation and although the song in English is an invitation for laughs and cringiness, it's a catchy track and the music video is awesome.
I can see all the fanboys squealing over Jessica's part. Sunny can't make up her mind on her hair colour and apparently 'oheeehhhohhheeehhohhh' is like the most addicting part of any song ever!
GG never fail to impress with their songs, apart from you know, the English version of 'The Boys' which was just a diabolical catastrophe and should never be spoken about ever again.
GG aren't my favourite KPop band, they aren't even in my top 5 but this song was good and I'm never one to ignore a good song.

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