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The Resident Evil Franchise

This post contains spoilers to some of the Resident Evil games. Like usual, it insults and degrades many characters. If you're offended, don't read. Simple as.

When it comes to video games I'm generally drawn to the horror genre.
Books, tv programmes, movies, video games are no exception.
Resident Evil 1 is one of my favourite games.
So, I'm going to spoil some of the games, insult some characters and bring in some horror games I like to play and some I tend to stay away from. Here goes.
Resident Evil Remake was the first Resi game I'd played. I got it on Gamecube and for ages, I couldn't play it. I'd trigger the cut scene with the first zombie and
then just run around the dining hall unable to handle the rest.
After becoming more interested in horror films, I picked it back up again and managed to complete it in 9 hours. After that, I was hooked. Resident Evil 2 was
just as good, even if the graphics and voice acting is at the very least, entertaining.
Resident Evil 3 was again, a good game but a lot of epic fails take place in that one.

Now, Code Veronica is one of my favourite games. In the Resident Evil genre not of all time. (Maybe I'll do a post dedicated to my favourite games)
Anyway, then Resident Evil 4 came alone. I had to say, considering Leon Scott Kennedy is one of my favourite Resi male characters, the game was different.
It wasn't the old school survival horror, it was more of an action. So if you're a fan of the old school games, don't play it. If you have an open mind, you'll enjoy it.
It's more fun rather than scary and challenging. Some parts are quite nerve wracking though, those regenerators had me in fits with the way they'd open doors and be
all up in your face!
Against my better judgement and dismissing everyone's advice I bought Resident Evil 5.
I played it alone and then played it on Co-Op and I had to admit, it was much more fun playing with someone else.
Don't get this game if you're looking for scares. Buy this game if you're throwing a sleepover and want some cheap thrills.
Like 4, it's more of a first person shooter action game.
Okay, on to the characters.
Since the remake was the first game I'd played, I was immediately drawn into Jill Valentine. I didn't find her annoying until I played the third game. Now, my female lead

To Claire Redfield.
Claire Redfield is, in my opinion, probably one of the prettiest, down to Earth and courageous Resi character. She's my favourite character. She doesn't disappoint me in any shape
or form.
She's got a reason to be where she is, she is a tomboy, she's just a typical teenaged girl searching for her brother and gets thrust into this fucked up world that she instantly adjusts to
and turns all badass.
Now, a female character who has me in the middle. Ada Wong.
Ada was such a distraction in the second and fourth game. Probably because she's the love interest of my favourite male character but she's in the middle of a goddamn zombie apocalypse
and she's wearing black pumps and an elegant tea party red gown.
Okay, so she's an undercover agent. So she looks subtle in a maroon whore dress in the middle of a zombie infested city? Well done Capcom.
But, her outfit and bad attitude aside, she's still kinda cool and knows how to hold her own. She's a backstabbing little bitch in both games but she's played quite well, I might say.
So, now on to the female characters I cannot stand. All I need to say is Sheva Alomar and Ashley.

Fuckin' Ashley.

Now, Sheva in no way belongs in the same hate category as Ashley. In the fourth game, the amount of times I killed her little blonde ass just for being annoying and her goddamn whinging just
made me want to hang myself.
She would bitch when you wouldn't catch her from a ledge and then when you'd supervise her down the ladder, she'd complain we were horny jerks and looking up her skirt which I felt Leon
should have just retorted, 'you're a fucking naive little bitch and you aren't that impressive in that department, baby.'
Sheva isn't bad.
She just gets jealous obviously over Chris' infatuation and close relationship with Jill. But needless to say, she's badass as hell and actually kinda pretty.
Not to mention her accent is lovely.
Now, onto the men.
Chris Redfield was previously second after Leon until he developed some kind of addiction to steroids and ended up blocking my camera with his damn arms in the fifth game.
He just wasn't the Chris I'd come to like in the first game. He was just some police officer who pissed me off because he could only hold six things. And then he was like Superman
and it was offputting.
So now, second after Leon is Steve. In Code Veronica.
He's just lovely. Okay, so he pissed me off in the first couple of minutes because he tried to shoot me and then left me for dead in this room but then he turns into this monster
thing and then he dies when he tells Claire he liked her?!
Damn Capcom for finally putting some romance in their games and then they just take it away like that. D
Damn them to hell.

I have to say, Resident Evil 1, 2, 3 and Code Veronica became the best horror video games and it kinda stirred the whole zombie phenomenon thing. Then Outbreak and Survivior
was released and it was finally time for a horror video game, old school, to be as popular as Spyro or Super Mario.
Capcom did an excellent job and then it found popularity and money in the action genre and made Resident Evil 4 and the atrocity that is Resident Evil 5. Before anyone comments
to ask - NO, I am not buying Resident Evil 6. Nor am I ever.

Don't even get me started on the movies either. That's a separate post all on it's own.

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