Thursday, 31 January 2013

Harleey Plays: Music in Movies Part 1

Throughout film history, there's been a selection of songs you specifically know because of a film and it becomes your favourite film just because of this one song. The song you hear 11pm on Heart Radio and you turn to whoever is near you and exclaim: WHAT FILM IS THIS SONG FROM?!
I'm going to select only a few of the films that have the best songs/soundtracks.

1. Lost Boys
Cry Little Sister - Gerard McMann

This isn't one of those films though. I actually loved this film before I even paid any attention to any of the songs that were in it.
It was hard to select the best song off this masterpiece of a soundtrack. People Are Strange and We Still Believe came sooooo close! But this song takes the cake. Play this to anyone who has seen this film and they'll tell you - they will say those two words. Lost. Boys.
This film is what vampires are all about. This film made me, along with hundreds of thousands of other people utterly obsessed with the whole vampire scene. The typical old fashioned, rock and roll style, the motorbikes, the long hair, the whole scene is seductive.
If this film cannot convert anyone from their Twi-hard ways, I honestly haven't a clue what will.

2. Breakfast Club
Don't You Forget About Me - Simple Minds

Don't get me wrong, Fire in the Twilight and We Are Not Alone are heavy competitors but this song is the song, y'know? I sing along to this song so fucking loud whenever I hear it. One time, it was being played on repeat in Starbucks, I literally stayed there for ages, sipping on my cold Caramel Mocha and just singing to it. Best visit to Starbucks ever.
It's the typical film that makes you hooked from the start. The characters can relate to you in ways you never thought, the silent girl who actually has a lot to say, the princess who has a rough family life, the pressured sports star, the criminal who doesn't know any other alternative and the geek who suffers in silence.
This film is definitely up there in my top all time favourites.

3. Crow, The
Burn - The Cure

Hands down, the best gothic/vendetta film ever made. However teary it may be to watch when you realize Brandon Lee died making this masterpiece. The song didn't have any competition, everyone knows it, fans of the film know it's the theme and probably the most fitting than any of the other songs on the soundtrack.
The Cure are a popular rock band anyway and received a lot of praise for this track being featured on a box office hit like this one. However, if I'm a little honest, it's the only song I know from the band and probably the only one I'll ever listen to.

4. Gladiator
Now We Are Free - Hans Zimmer

Everyone knows Hans Zimmer produces the most meaningful, emotional and fantastic music ever known to film. In this movie, it's not the acting, the screenplay or the setting that breaks the waterworks at the end of this movie, it's this song. This goddamn song that makes me just break down into a fit of nothing but a blubbery mess. Russell Crowe is a damn good actor and this is arguably the best film he did. After Romper Stomper.

5. Hunger Games
Abrahams Daughter - Arcade Fire

This film got a lot of mixed reviews when it was released. Albeit, most of the negative opinions were die hard fans of the Japanese movie Battle Royale which is exactly this film only with American actors.
I am a big fan of Battle Royale and have to say this film lacked in many entertainment area's. An hour and forty five minutes into it they begin their fighting and the film drags on for another hour or so.
However, getting to why this song is in this list in the first place, it has such a great soundtrack. I listen to the soundtrack all the time and although this one isn't necessarily my favourite, it's the most famous and therefore belongs on this list.

6. Transformers
Set The World On Fire - Black Veil Brides

Everyone knows New Divide in the second Transformer movie, Black Veil Brides won in my opinion for the best song. I knew them before they appeared on this soundtrack and was so proud they'd finally gotten some recognition and appeared in a box office movie! Still, not many people know the song or the band still and it didn't boost their popularity but if you watch the film and listen carefully,you'll hear this great tune and won't be able to help yourself from bobbing your head.

So, that's the end of Part 1, there are so many more but I think this should suffice for now. I'll put a Part 2 later on.

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