Friday, 1 February 2013

HARLEEY FAVES: Characters in Movies

Everyone has that favourite someone in that movie. That someone you are bias to throughout the film. Whether they die at the end, they're the villain you love to hate or the badass female that you'd date in a heartbeat (girl or boy ;))

This post will contain spoilers to some of the movies mentioned. If you don't like it, don't read. End of.

1. Pete Dunnam - Green Street
This movie is probably my favourite football hooliganism film. Football Factory is a close second. I didn't know Charlie Hunnam (actor who plays Pete) before this movie but am proud to say I became an avid fan of him afterwards and he got me into Sons of Anarchy.
Pete is the football crazy, friend oriented, fighter and major in progress throughout the movie. He's displayed as an asshole but gradually has more depth with the way he takes on naive and geeky American Matt (played by Elijah Wood). His priorities lie mainly within his firm and friends but he isn't afraid to stand up for someone when they're vulnerable. And like he says, he's 'smart as fuck.' Pete, like every other fabulous character in a football film dies at the end of this in a heart wrenching scene as he distracts oncoming danger to his brothers wife and child. Aw.

2. Tristan - King Arthur
To be fair, King Arthur wasn't the most popular movie. With Clive Owen as Arthur, inaccurate historical events and a fairly straight forward story-line it was only a minor movie but it remains a good one of mine. There are two characters, knights, I specifically love. Lancelot and Tristan.
Tristan is my favourite. Because, he dies.. He's a scout in the movie meaning he is expert at tracking, assassination and scoping. He uses a samurai sword and a bow and arrow. He also has an eagle. He's just awesome. He doesn't talk much but when he does, it's something that is absolutely mind blowing. 'I aim for the middle' scene just makes me want to hug the television.

3. Ajax - The Warriors

This is a film that not many people know about. It remains up in the top 5 of my all time favourite films and it's one that my dad showed me when I was a kid and it's been awesome ever since. I remember I was about 9 or 10 and I supposed to go to school the next day but couldn't sleep and so my dad let me watch a movie with him, this was that movie and I loved it! It's a gang movie, a little like the Wanderers but better. So, on to my favourite character. Ajax. His famous line, 'what's the matter? You goin' faggot?'
He inevitably falls for a police trap that involves a female alone in a park and he is arrested. Not before he makes a permanent dent in film history though.

4. Domino Harvey - Domino
Probably the only woman you'll see in this list is Keira Knightly. She is the best female actress who doesn't ever piss me off. All of her movies are absolutely brilliant and she's so sweet too.
So, this is my favourite film of hers where I think she pulls off the role of a badass, sexy bounty hunter to a T. I actually cut my hair this length not long after I watched this movie, albeit I didn't look anything like Keira but it was a 'pivotal moment in my life.'

5. Leon - Fast and Furious

So this film was all about Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. Not for me. This guy caught my attention from the start and held it in the few valuable seconds he's in this film.
Leon has a yellow skyline and it's frickin' awesome. He doesn't race but you see him in action on the police radio's to ensure it's all clear for the races to go ahead. He doesn't die, he isn't arrested, he just isn't in this movie for long enough and it's sad actually. He's so sexy. If I had to go out with a racer, Leon would be it. And I didn't want to make a separate one for him but Han Lue from Tokyo Drift and Fast Five is definitely second.

6. Shaggy - Scooby Doo
Scooby Doo was the first movie I watched in the cinema, I think. Anyway, I was drawn to Daphne because of Sarah Michelle Gellar (avid Buffy fan here) but watching it through, I loved Shaggy. He was hilarious, awkward, completely hopeless and always hungry. He was the male version of me, it was so uncanny.
Thankfully, due to the PG-13 nature of this film, he isn't arrested, hurt in any way and he most certainly does not die.

So that's it for now - maybe I'll do a longer one or something in the future or a favourite animated character list.

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