Tuesday, 5 February 2013

HARLEEY FAVES: Best Band Members

1. Josh Franceschi - You Me At Six
Bias! This band is my favourite so therefore, they will be somewhere on this list. I was originally gonna put them somewhere down the list but I figured frontman Josh, sexy, funny, sassy, gorgeous and has an amazing voice. Why not put him first?

2. Tom DeLonge - Blink 182/Angels and Airwaves
So, All The Small Things was my jam when I was five. I used to sing that song on the bus, in supermarkets, on the streets, round people's houses and even one time kicked a karaoke machine at my friends fifth birthday party because this song wasn't on there. I think I liked it so much because of this guy. Don't get me wrong, Mark Hoppus is a great vocalist but this guy just blows me away.

3. Duff McKagan - Guns 'N' Roses
Guns 'N' Roses was always all about either Slash or Axel Rose. For me, it was about the Duff. Duff McKagan made me so fond of men with long hair that it should've been illegal. He also reminds me of Paul from the Lost Boys, but that's another post entirely.
He doesn't get much screen time and he's always covering his face with sunglasses but if you get a chance to see another video of theirs, try and catch a glimpse, he will not disappoint.

4. Zack Merrick - All Time Low
Look, I'm seventeen alright? Like every other teenager, I have/had an ATL phase. Like most others I was drawn to the upmost quirkiness of Jack and Alex but this guy, bushy haired, always shirtless Zack caught my attention with his guitar especially a photoshoot in Kerrang! one time where he's molesting a banana. I'll reveal no more. He's just hot.

5. Mike Shinoda - Linkin' Park
Not to say that Chester is so incredible but let's get it right. Who is behind all those awesome rap lyrics and that awesome beat? Mike. Poor ol' Mike who if I'm not mistaken is half Japanese. That makes his cool factor just go up like 87%. He is also the solo rapper in the band Fort Minor which is also kinda cool.

6. Matt Willis - Busted
Let's be fucking straight, shall we?
Everyone, I mean EVERYONE - or every teenaged girl knew who Busted was. I was one of those girls. I was also part of the minority that had extreme hatred for rival band McFly. I was also hugely obsessed with the bad boy Matt. When he went solo, I bought his albums, I had pictures of him EVERYWHERE. If you're aged around 15-18 and say you don't like/never heard of Busted, take your lying self away from this blog. Right now.

Alrighty, so I think that's about it right now. I may post a Part II later on. And I also want to do a similar post  dedicating it to all the awesome frontmen out there in bands.

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