Saturday, 2 February 2013

Gorgeous Guys in Video Games

When it comes to video games, it doesn't take a lot to hook me in. Whether it's got a riveting story line, awesome graphics, action sequences to die for or a soundtrack to party to. But my most favourite reason to play, is the way guys can be depicted in games... So they're animations, so the fuck what?

This post may contain spoilers for the video games mentioned. If you don't want to know about them, don't read. Comprende?

1. Squall Leonhart
Final Fantasy VIII

My first ever video game crush. Possibly my first video game ever actually. I used to watch my dad play this for hours before I finally managed to play it myself. I bought this game again for £23 on Ebay when I was 15, it was a lot of money but totally worth it. I completed it again, revelled in the nostalgia and just let the fuck go. Squall is the character I wanted everyone to be like in the game. Quiet, strong, determined and awkward. He didn't fuck about, he was all business and that was admirable. Rinoa unfortunately, becomes his love interest and although I didn't particularly like her, she was alright for him. He smiles at the end! That amazing, gorgeous grin!

2. Dante
Devil May Cry 5 (DmC)

As much as I loved the previous games with Dante and his white hair, I have to say, as it's my favourite game  of 2013 at the moment, that DmC with Dante and his short brown hair has got to be the hottest Dante ever.
His one liners probably made him more sexy but I loved the contrast it had compared to his brother Vergil who remained faithful to his white haired ways.
Dante in this game is a rogue loner who has no memories, no reason to live or die or fight and is tormented by it everyday finding solace in partying, killing and women until he meets his long lost brother and his sidekick, Kat. I feel he had to be portrayed and appear as someone who is goodlooking but not exactly pristine. He doesn't care about his appearance because it comes naturally in his rugged, bad boy way. That reflected this massive image change in the game and I think it worked brilliantly.

3. Leon S Kennedy
Resident Evil 2, 4 & 6
As my favourite male character of his horror franchise, of course he belongs in this list. Resident Evil 2, okay,  due to poor Playstation graphics, he didn't look his best but Capcom came back kicking with him looking so hot in Resident Evil 4. No wonder it's in his wikipedia that he's a ladies man. I imagine him as one too. He has this strange attraction towards Ada Wong, an assassin who always fucks him over and yet, I think he leaves on a speedboat with Ashley at the end of Resident Evil 4. What's up with that?! I have a feeling he delights in the attention he receives from women. Unlike Chris, he likes to mix business with pleasure. And that's alright by me. Shame I won't be buying Resi 6.

4. Soap McTavish
Call of Duty
Probably the only reason I now refuse to repeat Campaign mode on Modern Warfare 3. I cried like a little bitch in that game. Soap is just the shit, y'know? The amount of blood he spills, the injuries he sustains and the goddamn wars he claims victory, he does not by anyones circumstances lack sexiness.
I think I just followed him around in the missions I was supposed to be following orders from Price. When I found out I (Yuri) was partly the reason for his death, I turned the game off. I could not watch that shit and live with the fact the character I was controlling was the reason for this mans death. He's just hot, okay?

5. Cao Pi
Dynasty Warriors
I think I piss everyone off when I play this game with them. If I'm an officer, I want to be in Cao Pi's clan, if I'm not, I'm constantly on his ass. I tackle him in battle, I follow him around, protect him and I think I achieved my life goal within this game when I became a leader and he married me. Cheers all round. Seriously though, this guy is just awesome and cool and downright sexy. He becomes the most powerful leader too within the game if you read the History wiki. Which I did. All 103 pages of it. Twice. Don't judge me.

So, that's five and although I think a lot more can be added, that's enough for now. I'll do a Part 2 later on.

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