Tuesday, 12 February 2013

How Music Saved My Life

As a typical seventeen year old, I've had my ups and downs. I won't go into detail how I went through the whole suicide/self harm and overall self destructive behaviour.
People use the expression of 'music saved my life' alot almost to the point it's kinda overused and I was one of the many that sighed and said, 'it doesn't save mine.' Truth was, I'd never really listened to the right songs.
Here are some songs that literally moved me to the point that I love myself when I listen to them. I feel inwardly strong and know I can overcome any internal or external battles in my life.
1. Black Veil Brides - Savior
When I first heard this song, I cried. I cried so hard I didn't think it was possible for me to stop. I didn't think one song could trigger so many emotions in me. I wasn't a hardcore fan of this band at all and I happened to listen to this song when my CD skipped from their popular 'Fallen Angels' and at the time I was listening, I was going through such a hard time in my life. The lyrics tell you a story of how hard the band try and be with you through everything but also how they're only men and what they create is only music and that you cannot always rely on them to get you out of your rough patches. The Savior they talk about in the song isn't them, it's you. Be your own angel. Be your own savior.

2. Taylor Swift - Innocent
Admittedly, mixed opinions on this singer and I for one am not a fan.But when I heard this song randomly online I cried. I could relate to the lyrics so much because I felt so mature and felt like I had this massive burden and I missed how the innocent ways of a child could become so effortless and I missed the fearless attitude we had. Everyone knows that famous saying 'the biggest problem I had when I was a kid was choosing which crayon to use.' Now it's so different. That's something nobody tells you when you're young. Is how goddamn difficult it's going to get when you get older and how you won't always get what you want and how things won't be easy. I wish someone told me that.

3. Pink - Fuckin' Perfect
Curses and swear word aside, this is the most aspirational song from this artist. She sings about not allowing yourself to think negatively about yourself. The video is about a young girl who is treated differently by others and there's a snippet scene where she's shown to cut herself but she instead transforms her emotions into Art and becomes a famous Artist where she meets her husband and eventually has a kid. The best advice anyone can give you is never to listen to pessimists. They'll only bring you down. You are perfect. You, reading this, I don't care who you are, black, while, Asian, short, tall, male, female, gay, bi, straight, loner, emo, geek, I honestly couldn't give a shit. You're just perfect. You're fucking perfect.

4. You Me At Six - If You Run
So, people who have read this blog before know that You Me At Six is my absolute favourite band and they've gotten me out of some bad times. One time in my life I didn't return home from sixth form. I just got on a random bus and didn't get off until I wanted to. I ended up somewhere I knew thankfully but it wasn't somewhere I wanted to be. I ended up somewhere that I knew well and that was a place that is forever in my heart as being one of the best places spent with the best person in my life at the time. This song came on in my headphones and made me turn around and go back home. It talks about thinking you have so many problems but how smarter you are and how you have so many reasons to stay. This song made me go home. I don't know where I would've went or what I would've done if this song didn't come on in my ear. I'm thankful to this band for a lot of things.

5. Lost Prophets - Rooftops
When I first heard this, I wanted nothing more than to climb to the nearest car park and just fucking scream. When I listen to it now, it makes me truly listen. How I interpret these lyrics is scream as if you can't. Scream your heart out as if you will never be able to. Don't physically scream but make your mark. Scream your heart out in life every single day. Make it known you were there, you conquered and you can say when you die that you lived life and you screamed. 'Do something every day that scares you.'

So, that's five songs to listen to and I hope if you're struggling with life and all it's stupidness, I hope you find a song one day that helps you through it. I hope you find an outlet whether it be artistic or physical, make it beneficial and constructive instead of destructive.
You are a temple. You are your own best friend, the only one who will understand you, be there for you, sit with through the bad times, cry with you, laugh with you through the good times and will be the only person who can stand up after you've endured so much shit and walk away. Don't rely on anyone else to understand you better than yourself. Don't hurt yourself. Love yourself. If you're destroying yourself, you're defeating the point of living, right? You're letting everyone who ever doubted you, win. You're allowing them to be the razor to your arm, the pill in your mouth, the alcohol in your throat. Don't let them kill you.

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