Friday, 8 February 2013

Warm Bodies Review

If there's something I like better than vampires, it's zombies. As sick of a dream it is, I really hope the world gets overrun by zombies.
Not the obnoxiously screaming running ones in 28 Weeks Later, I want the old school Resident Evil 1 zombies - slow, stupid, vulnerable.
I'm absolutely convinced I can survive. I can put to use all of my skills on the Xbox to save the world.
Anyway, when I saw this movie advertised it was a must-see for me. Zombies? Check. Nicholas Hoult? Check. Romance? Check. Black comedy? Check.
I had heard it had mixed reviews but honestly didn't care.
I went to see it a few hours ago and just got back and am writing this so the movie is fresh in my mind not that I think it will go away anytime soon.
So, let's start with the positives.
The soundtrack to this movie is brilliant, ranging from Bon Iver to The National to Guns N Roses, it's got an epic OST and I recommend you download at least a few just to bring back the musical element this movie brings to you.
The romance in this movie is so cute. I'm not saying it's realistic because let's face it, he's still a zombie.
But there were times I was almost brought to tears. Nicholas Hoult is a tremendous actor. Some know him as the cute kid in About A Boy next to Hugh Grant, some know him as manipulative Tony Stonem in Skins but I believe this film is really gonna put him on the map. He never really got a show a vulnerable side to him in the Skins series and you can tell just how tormented and lonely this 'R' is in Warm Bodies. He's a zombie with only one friend, he's confused, lost and lonely. He inexplicably falls in love with a zombie hunter who subsequently falls for him.
John Malkovich was another huge reason I was desperate to watch this film. I wasn't disappointed but wished he had more screen time.
Even though I believe this film was supposed to be a thrilly romance, it made me laugh so hard in some places. The stereotypical zombie elements the director really played about with, mocking it and parodying it.
Now onto the negatives.
There isn't many but there was something really far fetched about this whole story. In the start of the film, 'R' and his friend 'M' can only communicate through grunts, moans and one syllable of simple words.
Before 'R's heart even starts beating and his human instincts and feelings are triggered, he's able to communicate with 'Julie' better and more frequently. This really bothered me.
And another thing, I felt 'Julie' reciprocated his feelings a little quickly. It seemed really rushed. She trusted him because he saved her life but he still ate brains, y'know?
He killed her boyfriend who it looked like she'd known for at least 6+ years and she wasn't even mad. I felt the actress (I forget her name) didn't know how to show emotions well. She was either badass or crying. She felt like another Kristen Stewart only more tolerable.

I rate this film 7/10.
Awesome soundtrack, Nicholas Hoult's acting is faultless and the original storyline that put a whole new screen on supernatural romance.
Downrated due to the lack of feelings depicted by lead actress and the unrealistic, rushed aspect of their relationship.
Regardless, totally recommend to watch whether with a boyfriend/girlfriend or the family. I'd watch it again and am gonna buy it on DVD when it's released for sure.

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