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Harleey Plays: Devil May Cry 5 (DmC)

This post may contain spoilers to the game itself along with any of the other games, it may include tips and walkthrough types of content to help you advance in the game along with heavy opinions.

I really don't think this game should be referred to as Devil May Cry 5 as it isn't a direct sequel to DMC4. This is more of a prequel where Dante has no idea of his 'devil trigger' or memories, even of his brother Vergil. He is a lone warrior who seems not to question why he is in Limbo and why monsters are always after him and instead just goes with the flow of life.
DmC is most definitely my greatest game of 2013 so far.
It is one of many good games made my Capcom and I'm proud to say they collaborated with independent game developers Ninja Theory who're from England! :D
Ninja Theory didn't have a big line of previously successful games like Capcom but their game before this, 'Enslaved' proved a good thrill game.

So, the game begins with an epic introductory cut scene where it flashes from credits to glimpses of Dante's lifestyle. It shows glances of monsters along with him walking into a night club, drinking and having sex with two women.
When Dante awakes in the morning by a knock at his trailer door, it's a woman able to switch between Limbo and the real world and she claims she's there to help him. The cut scene continues with Dante uninterested and, bare naked, advancing out of his trailer before it switches to a scene of a monster on it's way towards him.
Like mostly all action games and DMC's, you're thrust right into action after an immense dressing cut scene from his truly where Dante faces combat with 'Lesser' demons.
Right now, you're only equipped with Rebellion, your sword and it teaches you immediately how to combat and subsequently be victorious in the battles that follow.
Before long you're reunited with Ivory and Ebony, your guns and the battle ensues. Afterward, Dante and Kat 'the medium' progress to her boss which the player can see is Vergil. At this point, Dante has no recollection of his past or his memories with his brother. Vergil and Kat force Dante back to his home and there, the player can gain more insight into what happened to Dante as a child and that he is a Nephilim.
As the game progesses, the player can tell the game has got a lot more in depth characters than the other games and that the storyline is closely linked with the loose ends associated with Dante's past and the relationship between him and his brother, Vergil.

Okay, so, I completed this game in... a day. About six or seven hours and that was without bothering much about collection all the keys to open the secret doors.
I tried to save as many lost souls as possible just 'cause I feel sorry for them and get easily annoyed with their whining. I played on Normal mode.
The hardest battle was probably the last boss battle with Vergil. Just after I collected my bearings after the Mundus fight where I got my ass handed to me, trust me, I was quickly thrown into another battle. Not that I didn't expect it but I wasn't prepared much. Vergil has intentions now to run over the city and Dante wants to  allow humans to remain free considering his feelings for Kat who is human.
Vergil may look bookish in the game but fuck me, he is strong as hell. He is able to briefly disappear, deflect attacks and plainly just block them. In the middle of the battle, he summons a doppelganger which you must defeat before Vergil takes any more considerable damage. This allows time for him to heal. So be careful. Switch between your scythe and sword for quick and relentless attacks against the doppelganger and when you're able to attack Vergil, just AXE the shit out of him. It does the most damage, although slow and you need his health to decrease as much as possible even if it means going slow and steady.
However, when you're done, you're officially done. He doesn't respawn into a separate being, he doesn't grow another head, he is just dead. Hallelujah.

Right from the trailer of this game, I was hooked. I loved the image change for Dante. I heard it received negative reviews before it was even released due to the dislike of the image change.
Dante is known for his long-ish, heavenly looking white hair and youthful face in contrast to his brother who has the same white hair which is partly slicked back and an older looking face.
I can understand why some fanboys were getting fickle about the image change. It's a drastic change. Dante is now in rather thuggish attire, a vest, coat and jeans with short, cropped brown hair which looks as if he'd cut it himself. Vergil has white hair, a posh looking coat and an uptight, snobbish persona.
Dante is depicted as arrogant and cocky which is nothing new but as he has no recollection of his memory, it's hard to understand why he's fighting at all.
Anyway, when the game was released, it was nice to see most negative reviews had been withdrawn and the game score 9/10 on most gaming media.
I think although drastic, the image change was necessary. The game is an absolute prequel type and remake of the first Devil May Cry.
It's Capcom and Ninja Theory's interpretation and it's an overall amazing game. The image change within Dante I think, is supposed to emphasize the difference between the two brothers. Vergil is level-headed, wealthy, smart with technology and bookish. In the game, he is portrayed as someone who seems to prefer to stick to behind the scenes work as compared to hands on fighting.
Dante is a lone wolf, slashing down enemies mercilessly and confidently. You're supposed to understand right away that these two brothers have very different ways of getting things done which eventually leads to the rivalry later on.

Dante's love interest in the game is not Trish and instead a medium, Kat, who is human. Although no physical or obvious interaction between them is evident, when Kat is captured, Dante seems upset and goes through hell and back, literally, the get her back. He ends up turning his back on his brothers offer to rule the city with him due to his newfound admiration and respect for humans and thinks they deserve their own free will and freedom.
So yeah, this was long. Overall, it's a brilliant game. No skill is necessarily needed, no puzzles that stress you out, no impossible battles and the music is tolerable.
When it comes down in price, I recommend you buy it. It will keep you entertained for hours. Plus, who gets tired of playing as a sexy, gorgeous, badass demon hunter?

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