Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Local Heroes: Beyond Recall

Beyond Recall
...are probably gonna sue copyright or something if they find that I'm using their photo's and video's without permission. If that moment ever comes when they see this post, thank you and I apologize. Message me and I'll take this post down if it bothers you that much.
This band is from where I'm from! I was so happy when I found out they were featured in Kerrang! and performed in local places where I could go and say, 'yep, I come from Bristol, where they're from.' Their songs are so damn catchy and the lead vocalist, Zaid, can I say hella hot?
The very first song I heard of theirs was The Choice:
If I'm not mistaken I think it was their first, I'm not entirely sure, if it was then it was absolutely amazing for a first video. I can imagine it's hard to capture attention when you're a fairly new band and to pull it off, which I'm sure they did incredibly well.
Their next song I found was Mistakes:
This video is so funny and I think they've maintained their rocky sound from their first music video. I've seen this band perform live a few times and they never, ever disappoint.
I'm so proud to say they're my local heroes and I can't say I've ever been so sure that a band will go far. If these guys don't go far I honestly don't know what the world considers music anymore.
Really hope that if someone finds this post that knows them, etc, this doesn't sound stalker-ish or anything, I just really wanted to shed some light on a local band.

Again, guys, if any one of you sees this (not likely) and don't want your videos or photo up then let me know and I'll remove them :)

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