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Beginners Guide To Walking Dead

The Walking Dead airs in America on AMC on Monday's if I'm not mistaken. Here in the UK, we're able to get it on FOX on Fridays, a weekend later than the rest of the world. If this is not the best TV series on television right now - please direct me to one that is better than this masterpiece.
To all those who want to get involved in this series but think it's too late, do not fear, here is a detailed beginners guide to overviews, episodes and characters.
This post will contain HUGE spoilers so please do not read if you don't want it to be ruined.

Season 1
Season 1 Episode 1 was, admittedly one that I missed. I was not interested in the show at all and didn't tune in until the third episode.
It begins with the main protagonist Sheriff Rick Grimes who awakes in hospital after being in a coma to a world overrun by zombies - or 'walkers' for colloquial TV talk - he quickly taps into his survival instincts and encounters a father and son. He continues communication to them via a walkie talkie to which he always gets no reply and yet he continues to direct them to safe havens. He is reunited with his own wife and child along with his best friend and some other survivors that have created a camp. As a group, they come across hardships and must work together. It ends with a CDC incident where Rick is told the virus is airborne.

Season 2
Rick is once again thrown into the deep end when he is met with more survivors, a vet and his farmer family who remain optimistic and hopeful. They harbour 'walkers' in their barn as they consider them 'sick people.' A woman within the original group loses her daughter and Rick's son has been shot so they take up camp on the farmers land. More lives are lost, relationships and friendships wither and build and soon enough, at the finale ends with the farm being overrun and the group once again on the road - with a pregnant Lori Grimes included.

Season 3
This present season has been action packed with more people dying and more survivors being encountered. Rick is hesitant about every stranger and is right when a new foe is introduced, The Governor, who leads a small town called Woodbury. Rick becomes insane due to the death of his wife and begins neglecting his newborn daughter. The mid-season finale ended with a torturous cliffhanger included a showdown between fan favourite Daryl Dixon and his long lost brother, Merle.

Rick Grimes
Ever since Season 1 he's been the official leader. Having killed his best friend for the sake of the group, he's ended up taking on everyones responsibilities and leading them to potential safe havens. Since Season 2, he's hesitant and almost indefinitely reluctant to accept strangers into his group considering everyone a threat. Rick is probably the best bet for a leader. I know for a fact, I'd feel safe around him. He's kept everyone safe, feels bad when somebody dies and tries to keep personal ties on the downlow. However, I think of him as almost selfish too. Almost every decision must benefit him in some way, whether it's protection for his son,  acceptance from his wife or just pure self gratification, Rick leads to the group into some dangerous situations sometimes to prosper and protect his own family. Season 3 sees him at his most vulnerable. He's grieving over the loss of his wife, neglecting both his son and newborn daughter and is most definitely unfit to lead the group. Considering the Governor is also vulnerable but able to keep his priorities intact, it's an internal battle between the two.

The Governor a.k.a Phillip
The leader of small town Woodbury. He depicts a caring, responsible and charming man who seems sensible, lovely and stable but it's been evident through Season 3 he has his own intentions. Using gladiator like matches against walkers, he sees the zombies as entertainment trying to teach the citizens of Woodbury that they're harmless. They feel safe around him. I see this man as one clever little individual. He's declared war against Rick and his group, I presume because they're not willing to bow down and accept him or that he isn't willing to bow down accept there are people alive that are not in Woodbury. He takes unkindly to those who aren't eager to trust and be loyal to him. His zombie-fied daughter was killed by Michonne, he uses that anger to drive him forward.

Hershel Greene
The previous owner of the farm that was overrun, he's the father of two girls who he devotes all his love and care toward. He has overcome his naive ways and now finally, sees the danger in the walkers. He stands beside Rick in all decisions and proves useful with his medical expertise. In the first episode of Season 3 he was bitten by a walker and evoked Rick to cut off his leg, he is still able to fight and work as normal if not with the help of his daughters or the crutches he now carries.

Maggie Greene
My favourite female character and my second all time favourite character in this series. She's the eldest daughter of Hershel and from the beginning, it's obvious she's the toughest out of all the females and her whole family put together.
She knew all along about the dangers of walkers but loved her father too much to say anything. She begins a relationship with former pizza boy, Korean kid Glenn. She is the only female to assist in 'runs' for supplies and one of the few to scout and secure areas. In Season 3, she's taken by the Governor and sexually harassed to which she wants to keep secret from the others, not including boyfriend Glenn who was present at the time.

Glenn (surname not specified)
A former pizza boy and first survivor Rick encounters. He is excellent at runs to gather supplies due to his knowledge of the city in Season 1 and fast and agile physique.
He begins a serious relationship with Maggie Greene and it forces him to grow up a little bit. After he's captured and held hostage in Woodbury, Merle Dixon pounds on his face and sets a walker on him to which is fights and gets dangerous close to being bitten. After seeing his girlfriend topless and sexually harassed, he grows angry at everything and Season 3 sees him try and take on a leadership role to which he attempts to force the group into rash decisions like sneaking into Woodbury and killing the Governor not thinking about the consequences.

Beth Greene
17 year old daughter and sister of Hershel and Maggie, she began Season 2 as a minor character only really coming into play when her boyfriend and stepmother die and she attempts to kill herself. Season 3 sees her taking on the role of a mother as she nurtures and looks after the baby 'Judith' a lot. There's a budding relationship in the works for her and young Carl Grimes but specifics about it hasn't been clear nor confirmed.
A promo released saw the teenager getting increasingly close with Rick which I think will be an interesting storyline if it plays off which is doubtful but not impossible.

Carl Grimes
Starting out a complaining and unhelpful member of the group, after losing his best friend Sophia and getting shot, he followed his fathers footsteps into leadership. At only 14 years old, he's suffered the loss of two of his best friends and his mother. He's able to handle himself in any situation and member of the group treat him like a twenty year old rather than the young youth that he is. He shot his own mother before she became a walker and took on the responsibility of looking after his baby sister 'Judith' because his father is unfit to do so. He's witnessed and caused a lot of death but this boy has so much depth, it's hard to comprehend.

Carol Peletier 
Season 1 began with Carol as a struggling mother of twelve year old Sophia and sufferer of domestic abuse by the hands of her husband, Ed.
Ed later died in an attack and her daughter shortly afterward went missing and ended up being killed when she was discovered to be a walker. This character has gone a long way from being a depressed, complaining and doubtful follower of Rick to a strong asset, a useful gun handler and a budding relationship partner for Daryl Dixon.

Andrea (surname not specified)
After the loss of her sister Amy in Season 1, she tried to commit suicide in the CDC. Saved by fellow group member, Dale Orvath, she continued her journey with the group becoming more and more disliked by myself and fellow fans. She became eager to try out a gun which she shot Daryl accidentally with, she slept with Shane and now, sleeping with the Governor is a determined and devoted member of Woodbury, holding her friends responsible when she was accidentally left in the farmhouse when it was overrun.

Merle Dixon
Season 1 Episode 1 began with him being in a group with Glenn, T-Dog and Andrea. After proving unfriendly and dangerous, he was handcuffed to the roof of the building and unintentionally left there. Along with Rick, his younger brother who was thought of as the same hostile and dangerous man his brother was, went to look for him only to find his hand had been cut off and he was now missing. Season 3 sees him as the lieutenant of the Governor. He's pleased to discover his brother is indeed alive. He's soon blamed for being a traitor and is forced to face off against his brother in a showdown. Both brothers work together to get out of it alive thanks to the help of Rick and Maggie. After receiving a not so friendly welcome party from Glenn or Michonne, Merle and Daryl seperate from the group only to return later on and save Ricks life.

Michonne (surname not specified)
Appearing at the beginning of Season 3, she became friends with Andrea after saving her from a walker. The girls came across Woodbury, whilst Andrea was being charmed into bed by Phillip, Michonne went with her gut feeling, attacked the Governor, killed his zombie daughter and escaped. She is now a new member of the group although it's not confirmed by Rick.
She's a huge asset using samurai swords for quick, fleeting and ammo saving attacks. She's not a big fan of Merle Dixon and attempts to kill him several times.

Daryl Dixon
And now finally, on to my all time favourite character just like almost everyone else who watches this programme.
Daryl Dixon started Season 1 being the outsider. He, along with his brother, were rednecks assumed to be just as dangerous, just as volatile, just as angry as eachother. When Merle goes missing, Daryl begins to grow closer to the group becoming the unofficial leader when Rick is absent.
The group are undoubtedly weak without him and his trademark crossbow, he helps gather food, supplies and proves a useful asset when attacking walkers and securing locations. He shortly becomes Rick's right hand man when Shane dies and Season 3 sees him being close with fellow group member Carol. Daryl has an interesting past and it's seen in the recent episode that he has scars on his back and that he was abused by his father. He looks up to Merle as a role model, protector and idol but gradually does the right thing and returns to the prison with the others.

Deceased Characters

Lori Grimes
After giving birth to her daughter, later named Judith, she dies during the c-section Maggie is forced to give her while being under attack by walkers. Carl later shoots her so she doesn't return and her remains are eaten by a sole walker which Rick brutally kills. Rick handles her death badly and begins to see her as a ghost in his mind making him unstable and unfit to lead or make decisions regarding the groups safety.

Shane Walsh 
Best friend of Rick and lover of Lori, he is an idol to Carl. He is seen in Season 1 attempting to get Rick out of the coma he's in to save his life, he fails however he barricades the door so walkers cannot get in.
After telling Lori and Carl that Rick is dead, he begins an affair with Lori. When Rick returns, Lori's anger makes him insane due to him still loving her and keeping them safe all this time. Although his intentions are understandable, he turns violent and kills innocent people to save his own life. Rick and Carl later murder him.

Dale Orvath
Dale owns the popular RV that is everyone's sleeping quarters throughout Season 1 and 2 while on the road. He becomes close with Andrea and comforts her when her sister dies, he saves her from committing suicide to which she reacts angrily at and makes an effort to hold him responsible until he later dies on the farm. Daryl shoots him in the head to ensure he doesn't return as a walker and a bond is seen when he says, 'sorry brother' although the two never really had any communication at all, I believe it was a Daryl personality boost to show the viewers that he's becoming more closer and accustomed to the group.

T-Dog is the character who didn't really hit off well. He wasn't disliked but he didn't have any important roles or plotlines. He began in Season 1 as being the culprit behind Merle being left on the roof after he dropped the key to his handcuffs. He got hurt in Season 2 and was rescued by Daryl, he was eventually bitten saving Carol from walkers and I think that was the hero's end he deserved. If writers kept him in, he'd be such an unhelpful person within the group. There's nothing about him that screams a storyline.

Sophia Peletier
Carol's daughter who goes missing. After running into the woods to stop walkers from attacking her, the group soon loses sight of the young girl. Most of Season 2 is about Daryl Dixon on his unending search to find her, devastation ensues when she's found in Hershel's barn as a walker - Rick shoots her in the head.

There are loads of others that have died -
Dr Jenner
Morales and his family
-Other survivors that are not mentioned but are presumed dead
Beth's boyfriend Thomas
Hershel's wife
Phillip's daughter
Other Woodbury townspeople
Other prison inmaters that died

I hope this encourages you to watch the Walking Dead, it's a great show and not hard to catch up at all.
It ended with a shootout between the Governor and Rick's group and walkers being led into their prison. Check out the next episode online or on TV on AMC or FOX.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Anti-Love Playlist/ Love Playlist

For some, Valentines Day can suck. It's now the 15th - you can celebrate, you survived it. Whether you've just gotten out of a relationship or never been in one, if you're single, you may have a rather negative opinion on the day completely dedicated to partners. But it's not all bad. The day is more or less a way of expressing love for everyone. My best guy friend sent me the most wonderful message about how he loves me as a friend and it made my entire day. A simple kind message to a friend can do that. That being said, here's an Anti-Love playlist for those who are still regretting their Ben & Jerry's binge with The Notebook on replay.

1. 2NE1 - Go Away
For those who don't know Kpop, it's Korean Pop Music and one of my favourite genre's of music. Most KPop songs are more or less love songs but this jewel right here is for those who just wanna say 'fuck you' to their partners. Self explanatory title of 'go away' talks about a relationship that is unrequited and the girl has finally had enough. Even if you cannot sing along, join CL, Dara, Bom and Minzy for a party. They're single girls too.

2. Jason Derulo - Ridin' Solo
I remember how popular this song was when it was released and that's because it's the ultimate single tune. For those who are consider the 'forever alone' status positively and look at it as a 'free pass' for everyone and everything. Do those things you couldn't when you were in a relationship. As a singleton myself, I get depressed at the sight of loved up couples but what're you gonna do? Break them up? Envy them? That's unhealthy. Everyone finds someone eventually so enjoy the free time while you can.

3. Fall Out Boy - My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark
When it was revealed FOB were off hiatus, I think I actually cried.
Thankfully, I discovered the news and this awesome song the day before Valentines so this was a helpful track to forget all about the pink, flower infested and love heart stupid day. This song is so damn catchy and you wanna do nothing but headbang to that awesome chorus! This song has nothing to do with love, anti-love or being single but it's a song you can just rock out too and forget all about the day itself and remember it the next when you're waking up with a stiff neck.

However for some, Valentines Day is gonna be put to it's best and there's going to be ring exchanges, flower giving, cards, fancy restaurant dates, some steamy stuff in the bedrooms and young puppy love. That's okay. So, I put some love songs as well for those who are not boycotting this day.

1. Bon Jovi - Always
You can't have a lovesong playlist and not include this song. Every single rock fan out there will have your head for a moshing object.
The music video is kinda upsetting but the song itself is the loveliest song all about undying love for your beloved. And let's not ignore the fact that Jon Bon Jovi looks his absolute best in this video ;)

2. Nsync - This I Promise You
Nobody fucking judge me.
This song is old, underrated and sang by the gayest of pop boybands but nobody can deny that this song is effing cute and it speaks a lot to me. I first heard about this song when someone online said they want their other half to sing it to them. It talks a lot about problems in relationships and external factors that may potentially damage the relationship but it doesn't and that the other person (boy/girlfriend) will be there for them no matter what. It's a nice love song and it may mean something to someone out there.

3. Tracy Chapman - Fast Car
I heard this song on the radio in the car and it's been on my mind ever since as the most real love songs out there. It talks about the realistic hardships that couples face and the risks that young couples have to face in order to make it work and how mistakes are made and regrets are formed but love was always the intention and goal. It's a lovely song, sad in places but it's a love song nonetheless.

Hope you guys had a wonderful Valentines regardless of the social situation and relationship status <3

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

How Music Saved My Life

As a typical seventeen year old, I've had my ups and downs. I won't go into detail how I went through the whole suicide/self harm and overall self destructive behaviour.
People use the expression of 'music saved my life' alot almost to the point it's kinda overused and I was one of the many that sighed and said, 'it doesn't save mine.' Truth was, I'd never really listened to the right songs.
Here are some songs that literally moved me to the point that I love myself when I listen to them. I feel inwardly strong and know I can overcome any internal or external battles in my life.
1. Black Veil Brides - Savior
When I first heard this song, I cried. I cried so hard I didn't think it was possible for me to stop. I didn't think one song could trigger so many emotions in me. I wasn't a hardcore fan of this band at all and I happened to listen to this song when my CD skipped from their popular 'Fallen Angels' and at the time I was listening, I was going through such a hard time in my life. The lyrics tell you a story of how hard the band try and be with you through everything but also how they're only men and what they create is only music and that you cannot always rely on them to get you out of your rough patches. The Savior they talk about in the song isn't them, it's you. Be your own angel. Be your own savior.

2. Taylor Swift - Innocent
Admittedly, mixed opinions on this singer and I for one am not a fan.But when I heard this song randomly online I cried. I could relate to the lyrics so much because I felt so mature and felt like I had this massive burden and I missed how the innocent ways of a child could become so effortless and I missed the fearless attitude we had. Everyone knows that famous saying 'the biggest problem I had when I was a kid was choosing which crayon to use.' Now it's so different. That's something nobody tells you when you're young. Is how goddamn difficult it's going to get when you get older and how you won't always get what you want and how things won't be easy. I wish someone told me that.

3. Pink - Fuckin' Perfect
Curses and swear word aside, this is the most aspirational song from this artist. She sings about not allowing yourself to think negatively about yourself. The video is about a young girl who is treated differently by others and there's a snippet scene where she's shown to cut herself but she instead transforms her emotions into Art and becomes a famous Artist where she meets her husband and eventually has a kid. The best advice anyone can give you is never to listen to pessimists. They'll only bring you down. You are perfect. You, reading this, I don't care who you are, black, while, Asian, short, tall, male, female, gay, bi, straight, loner, emo, geek, I honestly couldn't give a shit. You're just perfect. You're fucking perfect.

4. You Me At Six - If You Run
So, people who have read this blog before know that You Me At Six is my absolute favourite band and they've gotten me out of some bad times. One time in my life I didn't return home from sixth form. I just got on a random bus and didn't get off until I wanted to. I ended up somewhere I knew thankfully but it wasn't somewhere I wanted to be. I ended up somewhere that I knew well and that was a place that is forever in my heart as being one of the best places spent with the best person in my life at the time. This song came on in my headphones and made me turn around and go back home. It talks about thinking you have so many problems but how smarter you are and how you have so many reasons to stay. This song made me go home. I don't know where I would've went or what I would've done if this song didn't come on in my ear. I'm thankful to this band for a lot of things.

5. Lost Prophets - Rooftops
When I first heard this, I wanted nothing more than to climb to the nearest car park and just fucking scream. When I listen to it now, it makes me truly listen. How I interpret these lyrics is scream as if you can't. Scream your heart out as if you will never be able to. Don't physically scream but make your mark. Scream your heart out in life every single day. Make it known you were there, you conquered and you can say when you die that you lived life and you screamed. 'Do something every day that scares you.'

So, that's five songs to listen to and I hope if you're struggling with life and all it's stupidness, I hope you find a song one day that helps you through it. I hope you find an outlet whether it be artistic or physical, make it beneficial and constructive instead of destructive.
You are a temple. You are your own best friend, the only one who will understand you, be there for you, sit with through the bad times, cry with you, laugh with you through the good times and will be the only person who can stand up after you've endured so much shit and walk away. Don't rely on anyone else to understand you better than yourself. Don't hurt yourself. Love yourself. If you're destroying yourself, you're defeating the point of living, right? You're letting everyone who ever doubted you, win. You're allowing them to be the razor to your arm, the pill in your mouth, the alcohol in your throat. Don't let them kill you.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Warm Bodies Review

If there's something I like better than vampires, it's zombies. As sick of a dream it is, I really hope the world gets overrun by zombies.
Not the obnoxiously screaming running ones in 28 Weeks Later, I want the old school Resident Evil 1 zombies - slow, stupid, vulnerable.
I'm absolutely convinced I can survive. I can put to use all of my skills on the Xbox to save the world.
Anyway, when I saw this movie advertised it was a must-see for me. Zombies? Check. Nicholas Hoult? Check. Romance? Check. Black comedy? Check.
I had heard it had mixed reviews but honestly didn't care.
I went to see it a few hours ago and just got back and am writing this so the movie is fresh in my mind not that I think it will go away anytime soon.
So, let's start with the positives.
The soundtrack to this movie is brilliant, ranging from Bon Iver to The National to Guns N Roses, it's got an epic OST and I recommend you download at least a few just to bring back the musical element this movie brings to you.
The romance in this movie is so cute. I'm not saying it's realistic because let's face it, he's still a zombie.
But there were times I was almost brought to tears. Nicholas Hoult is a tremendous actor. Some know him as the cute kid in About A Boy next to Hugh Grant, some know him as manipulative Tony Stonem in Skins but I believe this film is really gonna put him on the map. He never really got a show a vulnerable side to him in the Skins series and you can tell just how tormented and lonely this 'R' is in Warm Bodies. He's a zombie with only one friend, he's confused, lost and lonely. He inexplicably falls in love with a zombie hunter who subsequently falls for him.
John Malkovich was another huge reason I was desperate to watch this film. I wasn't disappointed but wished he had more screen time.
Even though I believe this film was supposed to be a thrilly romance, it made me laugh so hard in some places. The stereotypical zombie elements the director really played about with, mocking it and parodying it.
Now onto the negatives.
There isn't many but there was something really far fetched about this whole story. In the start of the film, 'R' and his friend 'M' can only communicate through grunts, moans and one syllable of simple words.
Before 'R's heart even starts beating and his human instincts and feelings are triggered, he's able to communicate with 'Julie' better and more frequently. This really bothered me.
And another thing, I felt 'Julie' reciprocated his feelings a little quickly. It seemed really rushed. She trusted him because he saved her life but he still ate brains, y'know?
He killed her boyfriend who it looked like she'd known for at least 6+ years and she wasn't even mad. I felt the actress (I forget her name) didn't know how to show emotions well. She was either badass or crying. She felt like another Kristen Stewart only more tolerable.

I rate this film 7/10.
Awesome soundtrack, Nicholas Hoult's acting is faultless and the original storyline that put a whole new screen on supernatural romance.
Downrated due to the lack of feelings depicted by lead actress and the unrealistic, rushed aspect of their relationship.
Regardless, totally recommend to watch whether with a boyfriend/girlfriend or the family. I'd watch it again and am gonna buy it on DVD when it's released for sure.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Wear Sunscreen - Baz Lurhmann

As I'm learning to drive, I've become pretty close to my driving instructor. I'd say he's in early 60's, he's a retired truck driver and probably the most loveliest man you'll ever meet.
When I had my first lesson, I had never been anywhere near the drivers seat of a car. I knew little to nothing and he had to be incredibly patient with me.
He said he has never lost his temper at a student even when they've blatantly not listened to instructions or smashed his car up.
When my lessons first began, I was a nervous wreck, I felt nauseous and sick before every lesson and gotten pretty close to cancelling them on several occasions.
I didn't though and I've had almost fifteen lessons now. I'm almost at test standard, I'm fine with maneuvers and only stall once or twice a lesson.
Anyway, as I've become close to him, a mutual love we have is music. Albeit our music tastes differ tremendously but he's gotten me into some pretty awesome bands, e.g Eagles, Moody Blues and Yes.

So, a common topic of conversation is my lack of direction in life.
I confessed to him about how utterly confused I am with what I want to do in my future. It depresses me and he's noticed it's something I worry over frequently. Anyway, this morning during my lesson he told me to pull over and he said, 'I think you should listen to this.'
He put a blank CD in the player and we waited. He turns to me and says, 'some truth and advice for you, just listen.'
And then it began. The advice that changed my life.
It was the Always Free To Wear Sunscreen by director Baz Lurhmann.
In it, he talks about always looking after yourself, not worrying about other people, don't be reckless with relationships, understand people come and go in your life, get to know your parents and respect your elders. And then the part he grinned at me was when Baz said, 'never feel guilty about not knowing what you want to do in life.'
It struck a chord in me and I almost cried.
It meant a lot to me to know he took into account what I stressed over frequently and tried to find a solution. It's something nobody else has ever tried to do and therefore, this will stay with me forever and I might pass it onto fellow friends and family. I don't think I've ever been so moved in my life.

If you haven't listened to it, do. I've put the video above so you can watch it and listen to it while reading this and if you have then you understand what I'm talking about.
My driving instructor told me everything is true and he's experienced it firsthand and that the first part of the song applies to me, 'don't take advantage of your youth.'
I really shouldn't. I always believe I can't do something unless I hit a certain time period in my life. I feel I'm trapped at home because I haven't yet passed my driving test, I can't go out and have a good time because I'm not old enough to drink, and this is such a bad way to live life.
There's nothing stopping me from getting on a random bus and stopping anywhere, having to make your way home with nothing but some headphones and your phone.
Who says I need drink to be happy? Like the song says, 'don't rely on something or someone else to support you.'

I thought I'd share this with you. I hope this becomes more popular. I have no idea why I haven't listened to it before. It would have saved my life long ago.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Harleey Plays: Devil May Cry 5 (DmC)

This post may contain spoilers to the game itself along with any of the other games, it may include tips and walkthrough types of content to help you advance in the game along with heavy opinions.

I really don't think this game should be referred to as Devil May Cry 5 as it isn't a direct sequel to DMC4. This is more of a prequel where Dante has no idea of his 'devil trigger' or memories, even of his brother Vergil. He is a lone warrior who seems not to question why he is in Limbo and why monsters are always after him and instead just goes with the flow of life.
DmC is most definitely my greatest game of 2013 so far.
It is one of many good games made my Capcom and I'm proud to say they collaborated with independent game developers Ninja Theory who're from England! :D
Ninja Theory didn't have a big line of previously successful games like Capcom but their game before this, 'Enslaved' proved a good thrill game.

So, the game begins with an epic introductory cut scene where it flashes from credits to glimpses of Dante's lifestyle. It shows glances of monsters along with him walking into a night club, drinking and having sex with two women.
When Dante awakes in the morning by a knock at his trailer door, it's a woman able to switch between Limbo and the real world and she claims she's there to help him. The cut scene continues with Dante uninterested and, bare naked, advancing out of his trailer before it switches to a scene of a monster on it's way towards him.
Like mostly all action games and DMC's, you're thrust right into action after an immense dressing cut scene from his truly where Dante faces combat with 'Lesser' demons.
Right now, you're only equipped with Rebellion, your sword and it teaches you immediately how to combat and subsequently be victorious in the battles that follow.
Before long you're reunited with Ivory and Ebony, your guns and the battle ensues. Afterward, Dante and Kat 'the medium' progress to her boss which the player can see is Vergil. At this point, Dante has no recollection of his past or his memories with his brother. Vergil and Kat force Dante back to his home and there, the player can gain more insight into what happened to Dante as a child and that he is a Nephilim.
As the game progesses, the player can tell the game has got a lot more in depth characters than the other games and that the storyline is closely linked with the loose ends associated with Dante's past and the relationship between him and his brother, Vergil.

Okay, so, I completed this game in... a day. About six or seven hours and that was without bothering much about collection all the keys to open the secret doors.
I tried to save as many lost souls as possible just 'cause I feel sorry for them and get easily annoyed with their whining. I played on Normal mode.
The hardest battle was probably the last boss battle with Vergil. Just after I collected my bearings after the Mundus fight where I got my ass handed to me, trust me, I was quickly thrown into another battle. Not that I didn't expect it but I wasn't prepared much. Vergil has intentions now to run over the city and Dante wants to  allow humans to remain free considering his feelings for Kat who is human.
Vergil may look bookish in the game but fuck me, he is strong as hell. He is able to briefly disappear, deflect attacks and plainly just block them. In the middle of the battle, he summons a doppelganger which you must defeat before Vergil takes any more considerable damage. This allows time for him to heal. So be careful. Switch between your scythe and sword for quick and relentless attacks against the doppelganger and when you're able to attack Vergil, just AXE the shit out of him. It does the most damage, although slow and you need his health to decrease as much as possible even if it means going slow and steady.
However, when you're done, you're officially done. He doesn't respawn into a separate being, he doesn't grow another head, he is just dead. Hallelujah.

Right from the trailer of this game, I was hooked. I loved the image change for Dante. I heard it received negative reviews before it was even released due to the dislike of the image change.
Dante is known for his long-ish, heavenly looking white hair and youthful face in contrast to his brother who has the same white hair which is partly slicked back and an older looking face.
I can understand why some fanboys were getting fickle about the image change. It's a drastic change. Dante is now in rather thuggish attire, a vest, coat and jeans with short, cropped brown hair which looks as if he'd cut it himself. Vergil has white hair, a posh looking coat and an uptight, snobbish persona.
Dante is depicted as arrogant and cocky which is nothing new but as he has no recollection of his memory, it's hard to understand why he's fighting at all.
Anyway, when the game was released, it was nice to see most negative reviews had been withdrawn and the game score 9/10 on most gaming media.
I think although drastic, the image change was necessary. The game is an absolute prequel type and remake of the first Devil May Cry.
It's Capcom and Ninja Theory's interpretation and it's an overall amazing game. The image change within Dante I think, is supposed to emphasize the difference between the two brothers. Vergil is level-headed, wealthy, smart with technology and bookish. In the game, he is portrayed as someone who seems to prefer to stick to behind the scenes work as compared to hands on fighting.
Dante is a lone wolf, slashing down enemies mercilessly and confidently. You're supposed to understand right away that these two brothers have very different ways of getting things done which eventually leads to the rivalry later on.

Dante's love interest in the game is not Trish and instead a medium, Kat, who is human. Although no physical or obvious interaction between them is evident, when Kat is captured, Dante seems upset and goes through hell and back, literally, the get her back. He ends up turning his back on his brothers offer to rule the city with him due to his newfound admiration and respect for humans and thinks they deserve their own free will and freedom.
So yeah, this was long. Overall, it's a brilliant game. No skill is necessarily needed, no puzzles that stress you out, no impossible battles and the music is tolerable.
When it comes down in price, I recommend you buy it. It will keep you entertained for hours. Plus, who gets tired of playing as a sexy, gorgeous, badass demon hunter?

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Local Heroes: Beyond Recall

Beyond Recall
...are probably gonna sue copyright or something if they find that I'm using their photo's and video's without permission. If that moment ever comes when they see this post, thank you and I apologize. Message me and I'll take this post down if it bothers you that much.
This band is from where I'm from! I was so happy when I found out they were featured in Kerrang! and performed in local places where I could go and say, 'yep, I come from Bristol, where they're from.' Their songs are so damn catchy and the lead vocalist, Zaid, can I say hella hot?
The very first song I heard of theirs was The Choice:
If I'm not mistaken I think it was their first, I'm not entirely sure, if it was then it was absolutely amazing for a first video. I can imagine it's hard to capture attention when you're a fairly new band and to pull it off, which I'm sure they did incredibly well.
Their next song I found was Mistakes:
This video is so funny and I think they've maintained their rocky sound from their first music video. I've seen this band perform live a few times and they never, ever disappoint.
I'm so proud to say they're my local heroes and I can't say I've ever been so sure that a band will go far. If these guys don't go far I honestly don't know what the world considers music anymore.
Really hope that if someone finds this post that knows them, etc, this doesn't sound stalker-ish or anything, I just really wanted to shed some light on a local band.

Again, guys, if any one of you sees this (not likely) and don't want your videos or photo up then let me know and I'll remove them :)

HARLEEY FAVES: Best Band Members

1. Josh Franceschi - You Me At Six
Bias! This band is my favourite so therefore, they will be somewhere on this list. I was originally gonna put them somewhere down the list but I figured frontman Josh, sexy, funny, sassy, gorgeous and has an amazing voice. Why not put him first?

2. Tom DeLonge - Blink 182/Angels and Airwaves
So, All The Small Things was my jam when I was five. I used to sing that song on the bus, in supermarkets, on the streets, round people's houses and even one time kicked a karaoke machine at my friends fifth birthday party because this song wasn't on there. I think I liked it so much because of this guy. Don't get me wrong, Mark Hoppus is a great vocalist but this guy just blows me away.

3. Duff McKagan - Guns 'N' Roses
Guns 'N' Roses was always all about either Slash or Axel Rose. For me, it was about the Duff. Duff McKagan made me so fond of men with long hair that it should've been illegal. He also reminds me of Paul from the Lost Boys, but that's another post entirely.
He doesn't get much screen time and he's always covering his face with sunglasses but if you get a chance to see another video of theirs, try and catch a glimpse, he will not disappoint.

4. Zack Merrick - All Time Low
Look, I'm seventeen alright? Like every other teenager, I have/had an ATL phase. Like most others I was drawn to the upmost quirkiness of Jack and Alex but this guy, bushy haired, always shirtless Zack caught my attention with his guitar especially a photoshoot in Kerrang! one time where he's molesting a banana. I'll reveal no more. He's just hot.

5. Mike Shinoda - Linkin' Park
Not to say that Chester is so incredible but let's get it right. Who is behind all those awesome rap lyrics and that awesome beat? Mike. Poor ol' Mike who if I'm not mistaken is half Japanese. That makes his cool factor just go up like 87%. He is also the solo rapper in the band Fort Minor which is also kinda cool.

6. Matt Willis - Busted
Let's be fucking straight, shall we?
Everyone, I mean EVERYONE - or every teenaged girl knew who Busted was. I was one of those girls. I was also part of the minority that had extreme hatred for rival band McFly. I was also hugely obsessed with the bad boy Matt. When he went solo, I bought his albums, I had pictures of him EVERYWHERE. If you're aged around 15-18 and say you don't like/never heard of Busted, take your lying self away from this blog. Right now.

Alrighty, so I think that's about it right now. I may post a Part II later on. And I also want to do a similar post  dedicating it to all the awesome frontmen out there in bands.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Gorgeous Guys in Video Games

When it comes to video games, it doesn't take a lot to hook me in. Whether it's got a riveting story line, awesome graphics, action sequences to die for or a soundtrack to party to. But my most favourite reason to play, is the way guys can be depicted in games... So they're animations, so the fuck what?

This post may contain spoilers for the video games mentioned. If you don't want to know about them, don't read. Comprende?

1. Squall Leonhart
Final Fantasy VIII

My first ever video game crush. Possibly my first video game ever actually. I used to watch my dad play this for hours before I finally managed to play it myself. I bought this game again for £23 on Ebay when I was 15, it was a lot of money but totally worth it. I completed it again, revelled in the nostalgia and just let the fuck go. Squall is the character I wanted everyone to be like in the game. Quiet, strong, determined and awkward. He didn't fuck about, he was all business and that was admirable. Rinoa unfortunately, becomes his love interest and although I didn't particularly like her, she was alright for him. He smiles at the end! That amazing, gorgeous grin!

2. Dante
Devil May Cry 5 (DmC)

As much as I loved the previous games with Dante and his white hair, I have to say, as it's my favourite game  of 2013 at the moment, that DmC with Dante and his short brown hair has got to be the hottest Dante ever.
His one liners probably made him more sexy but I loved the contrast it had compared to his brother Vergil who remained faithful to his white haired ways.
Dante in this game is a rogue loner who has no memories, no reason to live or die or fight and is tormented by it everyday finding solace in partying, killing and women until he meets his long lost brother and his sidekick, Kat. I feel he had to be portrayed and appear as someone who is goodlooking but not exactly pristine. He doesn't care about his appearance because it comes naturally in his rugged, bad boy way. That reflected this massive image change in the game and I think it worked brilliantly.

3. Leon S Kennedy
Resident Evil 2, 4 & 6
As my favourite male character of his horror franchise, of course he belongs in this list. Resident Evil 2, okay,  due to poor Playstation graphics, he didn't look his best but Capcom came back kicking with him looking so hot in Resident Evil 4. No wonder it's in his wikipedia that he's a ladies man. I imagine him as one too. He has this strange attraction towards Ada Wong, an assassin who always fucks him over and yet, I think he leaves on a speedboat with Ashley at the end of Resident Evil 4. What's up with that?! I have a feeling he delights in the attention he receives from women. Unlike Chris, he likes to mix business with pleasure. And that's alright by me. Shame I won't be buying Resi 6.

4. Soap McTavish
Call of Duty
Probably the only reason I now refuse to repeat Campaign mode on Modern Warfare 3. I cried like a little bitch in that game. Soap is just the shit, y'know? The amount of blood he spills, the injuries he sustains and the goddamn wars he claims victory, he does not by anyones circumstances lack sexiness.
I think I just followed him around in the missions I was supposed to be following orders from Price. When I found out I (Yuri) was partly the reason for his death, I turned the game off. I could not watch that shit and live with the fact the character I was controlling was the reason for this mans death. He's just hot, okay?

5. Cao Pi
Dynasty Warriors
I think I piss everyone off when I play this game with them. If I'm an officer, I want to be in Cao Pi's clan, if I'm not, I'm constantly on his ass. I tackle him in battle, I follow him around, protect him and I think I achieved my life goal within this game when I became a leader and he married me. Cheers all round. Seriously though, this guy is just awesome and cool and downright sexy. He becomes the most powerful leader too within the game if you read the History wiki. Which I did. All 103 pages of it. Twice. Don't judge me.

So, that's five and although I think a lot more can be added, that's enough for now. I'll do a Part 2 later on.

Friday, 1 February 2013

HARLEEY FAVES: Characters in Movies

Everyone has that favourite someone in that movie. That someone you are bias to throughout the film. Whether they die at the end, they're the villain you love to hate or the badass female that you'd date in a heartbeat (girl or boy ;))

This post will contain spoilers to some of the movies mentioned. If you don't like it, don't read. End of.

1. Pete Dunnam - Green Street
This movie is probably my favourite football hooliganism film. Football Factory is a close second. I didn't know Charlie Hunnam (actor who plays Pete) before this movie but am proud to say I became an avid fan of him afterwards and he got me into Sons of Anarchy.
Pete is the football crazy, friend oriented, fighter and major in progress throughout the movie. He's displayed as an asshole but gradually has more depth with the way he takes on naive and geeky American Matt (played by Elijah Wood). His priorities lie mainly within his firm and friends but he isn't afraid to stand up for someone when they're vulnerable. And like he says, he's 'smart as fuck.' Pete, like every other fabulous character in a football film dies at the end of this in a heart wrenching scene as he distracts oncoming danger to his brothers wife and child. Aw.

2. Tristan - King Arthur
To be fair, King Arthur wasn't the most popular movie. With Clive Owen as Arthur, inaccurate historical events and a fairly straight forward story-line it was only a minor movie but it remains a good one of mine. There are two characters, knights, I specifically love. Lancelot and Tristan.
Tristan is my favourite. Because, he dies.. He's a scout in the movie meaning he is expert at tracking, assassination and scoping. He uses a samurai sword and a bow and arrow. He also has an eagle. He's just awesome. He doesn't talk much but when he does, it's something that is absolutely mind blowing. 'I aim for the middle' scene just makes me want to hug the television.

3. Ajax - The Warriors

This is a film that not many people know about. It remains up in the top 5 of my all time favourite films and it's one that my dad showed me when I was a kid and it's been awesome ever since. I remember I was about 9 or 10 and I supposed to go to school the next day but couldn't sleep and so my dad let me watch a movie with him, this was that movie and I loved it! It's a gang movie, a little like the Wanderers but better. So, on to my favourite character. Ajax. His famous line, 'what's the matter? You goin' faggot?'
He inevitably falls for a police trap that involves a female alone in a park and he is arrested. Not before he makes a permanent dent in film history though.

4. Domino Harvey - Domino
Probably the only woman you'll see in this list is Keira Knightly. She is the best female actress who doesn't ever piss me off. All of her movies are absolutely brilliant and she's so sweet too.
So, this is my favourite film of hers where I think she pulls off the role of a badass, sexy bounty hunter to a T. I actually cut my hair this length not long after I watched this movie, albeit I didn't look anything like Keira but it was a 'pivotal moment in my life.'

5. Leon - Fast and Furious

So this film was all about Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. Not for me. This guy caught my attention from the start and held it in the few valuable seconds he's in this film.
Leon has a yellow skyline and it's frickin' awesome. He doesn't race but you see him in action on the police radio's to ensure it's all clear for the races to go ahead. He doesn't die, he isn't arrested, he just isn't in this movie for long enough and it's sad actually. He's so sexy. If I had to go out with a racer, Leon would be it. And I didn't want to make a separate one for him but Han Lue from Tokyo Drift and Fast Five is definitely second.

6. Shaggy - Scooby Doo
Scooby Doo was the first movie I watched in the cinema, I think. Anyway, I was drawn to Daphne because of Sarah Michelle Gellar (avid Buffy fan here) but watching it through, I loved Shaggy. He was hilarious, awkward, completely hopeless and always hungry. He was the male version of me, it was so uncanny.
Thankfully, due to the PG-13 nature of this film, he isn't arrested, hurt in any way and he most certainly does not die.

So that's it for now - maybe I'll do a longer one or something in the future or a favourite animated character list.